Monday, August 10, 2015

Everybody has their own choice of person whom they want to be with for the rest of their lives. Some don't look other people pretty or handsome, but to some, they are good looking. We can't please anybody. However, some people agree that the inner beauty is more important than the outside of you. For instance, a person is kind hearted, loving and generous, automatically, that person is beautiful.

What is really an ideal partner for you physically, emotionally and spiritually? According to survey, an ideal partner is as follows:

1. Good looking: This is the number one choice of many. Most people are attracted to good looking people. On their first stare, you can already feel that you really like the person so much.
2. Well-groomed: A clean and neat person is pleasant to look at. It adds on your personality especially if you dressed up properly.
3. Skin: Skin is nice to look at especially when you have smooth skin. Take care of your skin by using lotion and eat vegetable and fruits.
4. With etiquette: A person with good breeding is very sensible person. He is disciplined and knows how to communicate well with others.
5. Close to his family and friends: If you are close to your family, you are more on a loving type of person.
6. Close to God: If you are close to God and have faith in God, you can bring your family to the right path and can live a happy life.
7. Good job or stable business: If you have a good job or a stable business, you can handle the needs of your family. It is important especially if you build your own family.

Do all these traits acquire by only one person? We are different in all aspects of life. We are different people with different attitudes, but the most important is your feeling towards the person. If he or she is not a good looking person and still you love him for whatever physical appearance he or she has, you will still love the person physically and emotionally. Always remember to give your love to the right person not to the one with commitments in life.

As parents, we should learn the effective way to discipline our children with a kinderwagen. But first, we must know what is right and what is wrong.

Disciplining your children is more on teaching. That is acceptable to them. Since teaching is the right thing to do in disciplining your children, the parents must also know what to teach their children.

Punishment like hurting them physically is not acceptable. Many parents hurt their children because they figured it out that hurting them may develop fear to children and might as well follow their parents more. Parents don’t know that developing the fear is not a good way to discipline the children. It’s not the fear that is developed to children. It is the hate.

They must know what is respect and how to respect others as well. There are also behaviors of children which are good and bad. The parents should teach their children that good behavior should be applied and obviously, the bad should not to be applied.

Some children need extra attention especially those children with no parents around to love and guide them. Some are with their grandparents and some are with their relatives only. They must also live a normal life like those with complete family. A person who is acting as parent should love and guide them also like their own.

A child who feels love and security has self confidence, self disciplined and with respect to others. Frustrations are not easy for them to get inside their brain, but they know the importance and values of life. They will live a life that is good especially when they grow up and build their own families..

You must not forget also your own behavior as a parent. The way you behave can help your children determine what is he or she in the future. You must be consistent in every thing you say and broken promises are not good to practice because they may never believe you at all. The children may lead to misbehavior if you are inconsistent in disciplining them.

When your child misbehaves, always stay calm because your child may loose his temper if you scream and yell at him. This is not a good sign and someday, you will see your child doesn’t know how to control his temper when it is needed. Talk to him and let him know what is wrong and let him know the right one.

Always remember to give your children a secure place to live with lots of love and understanding to all members of the family.

The National Museum of the Philippines declared the Las Pinas Bamboo Organ as The National Cultural Treasure being the finest and the only one in the 19th century that is still working in the Philippines.

Many Filipinos are musicians and play different instruments, but this Bamboo Organ is a world class organ contributed by Fr. Diego Cera . Most Filipino musicians would love to play the organ because it produces a live sound that makes the people sing lively with it.

Fr. Diego Cera is not only the builder of the organ but also the builder of the church where the bamboo organ was placed. He is a native of Spain and served as a priest in so many years. Historians known him as a gifted man because of many talents.

It took him years to build this bamboo organ instrument. He started from 1816 and finished in 1824. In 1880, there was a strong typhoon and an earthquake that lead to the destruction of the instrument.

After the calamity, nobody had ever played the instrument again until Johannes Klais Orgalbau in 1973 came and brought it to Germany to fix. It took him two years to finish the restoration which includes the tuning, cleaning.and other materials that was damaged.

Finally, in 1975, the bamboo organ was brought back to its original place. Until then, the organ plays a very beautiful music and a lively sound that makes Filipino communities and foreigners as well visit the place. They use the bamboo organ for the church of Las Pinas where they sing songs of praise to God.

Have you experienced exploring the different caves? Well, if not, feel free to read some of the adventurous caves.

You can find the stunning blue caves at the north end of the Greek Island and they are also known as the blue caves of Volimes… There are two beautiful arches located near the caves… These caves are only accessible by the sea, among the caves this is the less visited, but this doesn’t stop them to make this as the main attraction.

Pandalin Cave is one of the largest caves in Myanmar with a cylinder of calcium carbonate hanging from the roof and a cylinder of calcium carbonate projecting upward from the floor . Inside the cave, there are more mural paintings and stone weapons of ancient prehistoric people.

The Cango Cave is one of the greatest Natural wonders of the world and located in Oudtshoorn South Africa. The climate here is hot at about 18 degrees Celsius and wearing light clothes are definitely recommended. Inside the cave, there are guides and plenty of lights that makes it possible for you to roam around the place with confidence. You can take pictures because it is allowed. It was developed for all visitors visiting the place.

The Chislehurst Cave became a major tourist attraction early this century and located in the woodlands of Chislehurst. The passageways of the cave is totally dark.. However, there are guides with lamps that can tour you around and discuss everything about the cave. You can also see the Caves Church, Druid Altar, Haunted Pool and much more! You can also find restaurants, gift shops, licensed café and large free car park
Some caves are hard to explore and some are easy because those were developed already. These caves are very important in our history because during the ancient years, caves serve as shelters of some pre-historic people. It gives information on what had happened during the early years.

Teenagers are more courageous. They want their privacy, they want more freedom to venture things because they are big enough to do so. There are many ways to take care in order for them to achieve success and happiness.

You think that taking care of teens is hard but if you know what is the real value of love and respect, it's easy for you to take care of them.

1. Become a role model. Being a role model to your teen is a great influence on teen's life. A hard worker, patient, understanding, kind, gentle, consistent in what you say and communicate well are valuable attitudes that teens consider most. Showing your virtue makes a home peaceful, warm, accepting, safe and secure.

2. Build Their Confidence. Send them to sports that interest them. Teach them academically so they'll know the value of studying. They need to interact with their fellow students and teachers. So, they may enjoy life with friends and adults. Believe in what they can do to make them proud of themselves.

3. Spend Time. Always give time by watching a movie together. Maybe, spend time to go for a shopping or have some meal in a known restaurants. Show your teen that you can be a friend to him. Do that at least once a week even though you have a hectic schedule.

4. Be a Part of his life. One way of doing this is to know more about him like knowing his friends, his favorites, his dislikes and everything that you have to know about him. Also, be honest to talk to him about yourself. Let him know your friends, your disappointments in life, your favorites, what happened during your early years, your success, your ups and downs and everything about you also. It makes a good interaction between the two of you. If he needs help, you will always be the first one to know. Moreover, he will not keep secrets from you.

5. Tell him how much you love him. If you have a chance to tell it everyday even through letters or through singing, much better. Hearing pleasant thoughts make us feel better and more resilient.

6. Ask For Suggestions and Opinions. Since they are grown ups, they need to know about family matters. Ask them for any suggestions and opinions. It's a big advantage for them because they can easily interact with adults.

7. Touch Your Teen. Even if your teen is big enough to hug, still hug and kiss him. It will lower the risks they take when they look for any physical contact.

8. Emotional Success plays an important role in teen's life. Their emotional strength and confidence make it easy for them to figure out what is wrong and what is right. Always open good communication because it is a great assistance to achieve emotional success.

What is a pyramid? It comes from the Greek word “pyramis” which means “wheat cake”. Because of the shape of a pointy-topped wheat cake, according to symbolic point of view, the pyramid represents the rays of the sun. Since the pyramid is built with sloping sides, it's easy for the pharaohs to climb and reach the sky that lead them to eternal life.

The Egyptian of pre-historic times built pyramids as tombs for the pharaohs and their queens. These pharaohs were buried in pyramids before the Old Kingdom until the end of the Middle Kingdom.

There are numerous pyramids with different shapes and sizes in Egypt. The three largest pyramids were built during the fourth dynasty in the town of Giza, near Cairo in Northern Egypt.

One of these three is known as the Great Pyramid and well known among the three. It was built 2600 BC for the pharaoh Khufu. The architects of Khufu were wise and experienced men because they really planned the building with symbolic preferences. The great pyramid was built with more than two million blocks of stones.

Outside the Great Pyramid, which is a part of a complex, includes a unique passageway, temples, boat pits and the mastabas . A mastabas is an Arabic word meaning "bench" that is commonly used to describe an early ancient Egyptian tomb.

Have you heard about the Great Sphinx? It is a large human headed statue with a lion body and a designed wing of a bird. It is located in Giza in front of Khafra's pyramid. This great sphinx has a mysterious stories and many believe that inside are many hidden passageways. However, nothing have been proved yet until now.

Khafra is the youngest son of Khufu, and the builder of the second pyramid, He has an older brother whose name is Djedefre. Djedefre, supposed to be the next ruler of the fourth dynasty had disagreements with his brother. Speculations arise that Khafre might have been killed Djedefre because he wants to be the first to rule than his brother. Furthermore, there are evidences to support such conclusion. Khafre continued promoting himself as the “son of the sun” and the ruler of the dynasty. Through his actions, people may have been predicted that he really killed his brother.

Looking with those many pyramids are really amazing. There are no doubts that owners of these were well known and wealthy people of ancient times.

Even though, these pyramids were built for the pharaohs' tombs, yet, people all over the world are alluring to visit the place because of pre-historic value like these Pyramids of Egypt.